Is This the Next Tier A Passport

for years we’ve ranked passports based

on their ability to travel as either t

or a t or b t or c and for many people

those top tier tra passports have been

hard to come by there may be one more

entering their ranks that millions of

people could qualify for and i’m going

to tell you all about it


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before i get into what could be the

world’s next tier a passport let’s

briefly summarize what a tra passport is

and why you would want it so if you’re

looking to get a second citizenship and

you want to travel on that passport you

want to live on that passport maybe you

want to increase the travel privileges

of your current passport whatever the

reason a tra citizenship is really the

only kind of passport you can get that’s

going to allow you to visit the united

states canada assuming that you can get

in australia new zealand etc uh europe

and pretty much everywhere um that you’d

want to go now if you don’t have a great

passport now obviously this is a

substantial step up people go and they

pay taxes and they live and they

contribute to countries for years in

many cases it can be very expensive for

some people to move to a country like a

germany or to a u.s or two in australia

and naturalize and so there are ways

where you can get these tra passports

through investment through your family

tree what have you

but if you currently have a great

passport if you’re american if you’re

canadian and you want to back up and you

want people to come back to your home


even if you were to give up your current

citizenship then this t ura passport is

the way to do it because i think what

many people don’t understand is let’s

say that you’re a citizen of a caribbean

country which would be a t or b passport

let’s say that you go and you get uh you

know serbian citizenship through your uh

your family tree or you know i had one

gentleman reclaim his malaysian

citizenship you know if you are an

american if you want to visit the u.s

these passports won’t allow you to do

that without getting a visa because

they’re simply not to your a

there are some passports like bulgaria

or malaysia that are such great

passports but they don’t give you access

to let’s say one or two countries like

the us we call that a minus

but if you want that access to the u.s

if you want that access to these these

big english-speaking countries

then you’re going to want a t or a

passport and the vast majority of

passports in the world the vast majority

of issuing jurisdictions in the world

are not t or a jurisdictions and so what

people don’t understand in many cases is

just to visit the u.s you need a visa or

you need a passport that’s trade that’s

part of the visa waiver program in the

united states even just to fly through

the united states you either need a visa

or you need to have a passport that is a

tier a passport and so uh in the last

year or so we’ve seen poland enter the

visa waiver program they had an a minus

passport now they’re a solid a because

they can go pretty much everywhere in

the world croatia

is now the same

croatia which came into the eu a number

of years ago which had some restrictions

now they have achieved full tier a

status and so we have some people that

we’re aware of who

have obtained polish and croatian

citizenship through their ancestry and

now they’ve got this great travel

document uh but what if you were not

fortunate enough to have ancestry from

germany from italy from ireland from

other countries like that in europe most

the countries that are part of this visa

waiver program that allows you into the

us that are what we call tra passports

are in europe and so the alternative is

simply having to move there to that

country and learn the language and pay a

bunch of taxes and commit a bunch of

time to naturalize into the country the

only exceptions are like japan taiwan

south korea singapore those are pretty

difficult passports to get unless again

you have

ancestry well there’s a new country

that’s coming

that may be negotiating a

deal with the u.s that may be ascending

into visa waiver program status that

would give it t or a status and that

country is israel which would

theoretically open up tra travel

privileges to millions of people seeing

that you can become an israeli passport

simply by being jewish here’s the

article israel

in u.s visa talks eyes easing access for

palestinian americans

and the idea here is that there’s a

couple reasons that israel

one of the best friends of the united

states has not had access to visit the

u.s without getting a visa american

certainly can go to israel so the

reciprocity is already there from

israel’s side

but the the reason number one is to

become a

visa waiver program country to have

access to the us which again that makes

you what we call a t or a passport

you have to have number one an adjusted

refusal rate for b series visas below

three percent israel does not have that

they have said in the article that about

uh 40 of rejections were due to people

filling out the forms incorrectly and so

they’re going to do some education on

that and clear that up one of the other


that i was aware of was if you ever go

to the mall in the u.s and you go and in

the middle they have like the the secret

uh crystals and the soaps that you know

the miracle soaps or whatever oftentimes

sold by uh as the stories have gone over

the years uh young israelis who come

over and they get visas and they’re not

supposed to be working they’re supposed

to be visiting but they end up taking

these jobs and so that was an issue with

the u.s said well hey we’re going to

require you to get a visa we’re going to

we’re going to smoke these people out

and so there were is my understanding

was there was a higher number of

rejections for younger israelis than

there were for older israelis who

theoretically already already had

careers going

uh and so the other issue that it’s

alluded to in this article is that

israel had

been alleged to be discriminating

against palestinian americans i don’t

know if they necessarily argue with that

very much

but the idea was

hey we don’t really want these people

with palestinian origin coming to israel

so the article from swiss info is the

website basically talks about how israel

was prepared to open up um

travel privileges to palestinian

americans in particular talking about


people of palestinian origin have often

had to go to other airports and take

what they call more onerous trips saying

that the israeli security force is ready

to handle that and saying that uh they

are having conversations with the u.s

state department just basically say

listen uh we’re getting rid of one of

the big issues that has long been a

thorn in your side that has

made you not want to give us this u.s

visa waiver access

can you help us get our adjusted refusal

rate down to the three percent which is

what is required to be part of the visa

waiver program and just stay in the visa

waiver program once until you’re


and the idea being that

you know there’s still some work to be

done because again the rate is higher

but they are working on the conditions

to get there and so

as someone who works with a number of

folks who are jewish and who could

theoretically qualify for israeli


it’s always been a pretty good

citizenship and i’ve said listen uh if

you’re entitled to it it’s probably

worth claiming now it’s certainly not

the least dramatic passport and if

you’re an american and you’re israeli

you know you may not have the most

agnostic passports in your portfolio

might be worth adding something else to

the portfolio um that you know is is

very agnostic and people aren’t

concerned about


if you can get israeli citizenship you

should do that because it has long

offered access to pretty much all of

europe including to russia uh to canada

i mean pretty much to everywhere except

for the u.s and australia it was really

a top-tier travel document but it was an

a-minus because you didn’t have that u.s

access and for many of the folks that we

work with who are coming from the u.s

they want to know if something ever

happens to their u.s citizenship

they have the ability to potentially

come back they don’t want to get a visa

they don’t want to have to get

permission even to fly through their old

country so israel may be moving in that

direction now again if you already are

entitled to it i would take the passport

regardless in most circumstances but

this is one area where israel’s passport

may enter full tier a status in the next

couple of years as they resolve these

issues with the u.s that would be a

great win and because you have

so many potential people who are

eligible for this it means a lot of

people could get access to one of the

world’s best travel documents that lets

them travel freely if that were to

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