Renting a $23,000 Malibu Beach House

oh i didn’t hear you knock all right


to our insane 23 000 a month malibu

house come on in

i thought it’d be interesting to show

you what you can get for 23 000

a month and maybe some things that you

can do in your own house

right now uh so coming into the house we

do actually we took one of the garages

and this is something you can do in your

own house we just took the garage moved

everything out and made it our own home

gym let’s dive in

well so this is the garage gym that we

just built ourselves and one of the fun

parts about this

um is that we kind of get like a free


and a free audience of people outside

who watch us work out

surprisingly it’s really motivated to be

working out or shirtless and people are

honking or people are like put your

clothes back on you disgust me

and i think this is a really powerful

lesson if you have space you don’t like

move it around change things up this is

the main living room i will say so i

live in an 800 square foot house

normally in austin texas so it’s been

amazing to have so much space one of the

best things for me

is a view so wherever you are in your

own house if you can like put up a nicer

picture or change what you’re looking at

so being able to look out at the ocean

while we’re working

as a game changer for this room one of

the neat things about it is the mirror

so what they’ve done in a lot of the

rooms which i like uh

is that they’ve hid the tvs and i think

a lot of american households especially

they love putting the tvs out so when

you come into the house you kind of just

go right to the tv and we all just

talk to the tv so i like that they’ve

kind of kept it out of the way and it’s

not the main detail

let’s go out to the balcony from the

main living room one of the things that

like i really love i love the sound of

the ocean

hearing it during the day uh has been

really nice

so yeah we’ll have dinners out here

there’s a grill over there ocean sounds

if you’re not by the ocean just go to

spotify put on ocean sounds

it’s pretty much the same thing so this

is a rothko painting

it’s actually rothko’s brother no i’m

just kidding i have no idea what this

painting is it just looks kind of nice

coming into the kitchen

i tend to like working at the kitchen

table and

i mean this is this is honestly


let’s let’s go check out the fridge um

so a few things before show the fridge

i we do drink from time to time viv

cocoa favorite champagne

classic as dual favorite tequila and

then everything else is there

but the fridge i will say it’s not as

organized as i’d like it to be

lagunitas hop non-alcoholic beer


topo chico if you’re from texas or you

know about it you got to try it

pretty much not as ordinary as i like

i’m a little embarrassed by it let’s

close this

all right so now i’m going to show you

some of the guest rooms my office and

then the master bedroom which is insane

this is a guest bedroom


hey it’s devil surprise i didn’t know

you were here

i didn’t even know all right this is

neville from copywriting course check

him out on youtube and

uh this is his office his room slash

office and i’ve hired him to play guitar

for you


we turn this into kind of my office uh

slash recording studio

they have a foosball table up here kind

of turn this into my desk where i’m

doing a lot of my calls and my work

i will say it’s been really interesting

uh at a high level to think about like

what matters and how we like our

different environments

i like my environment clean one thing i

have finally had at this house is my own

like personal desk at

a house i don’t have that where i live

normally uh and it’s made a huge

difference it’s like oh this is my work

area this is my reading area this is my


relaxed area and so it’s nice to have a

dedicated so i’m gonna come do some

work this is the best view i’d say that

the best view

of malibu one of the reasons we want to

try malibu it’s a little quieter a

little bit further away you can see

la and santa monica’s over there it’s

nice i mean

it’s just nice dude i think sometimes

also yeah

it’s interesting when you have something

nice and you just get used to something


it is a good thing every day to kind of

take a step back and be like

this is amazing so every morning

try to go to the water or just come in

here and look outside

this is the master bedroom uh but waking

up to the

the view from this every morning is game

changer one of the things i always talk

about is make your bed

i didn’t say make your bed nice i just

said at least make your bed

uh so you can see i made my bed uh let

me show you my favorite thing

in the whole house it’s this this room

home sauna and i if i can i try to use


at least every day if i get the chance

this is

yeah it’s it’s as nice as it looks and

if you don’t sauna you need a sauna it’s

a game changer for life

so in here you can actually for about a

thousand dollars add your own steamer so

if you want to come around i’ll show you

so these steam things they’re actually

not it’s it is money but it’s not super

expensive you can have your own steam


uh so then yeah a lot in the mornings

i’ll try to read in bed or read out here

but this has been really nice they

created like a little uh

doggy patch not sure what you call it so

just come down here in the morning

read or yesterday we just sat on the

neville and i just sat on the rocks and


every day i’m just i’m just trying to

appreciate it like it just feels unreal

like a dream yes this is a ridiculous

house and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime

experience for us

what are the things that you can do for

your own house in your own environments

regardless of how much money or where

you’re living in the world number one

how can you create the work environment

that’s inspiring and easy for you to do

so what does that mean

how do you make it so if you’re doing

videos you can just go and have your

camera set up and you just hit the


and secondly how do you have dedicated

space for yourself so that you’re saying


is my work area and i think that’s been

really important for having that in the


secondly from having this house can you

get a nice review i will tell you from

working at the kitchen table or from

working at the office up here

having a view of the ocean or having the

sounds of it

is a real game changer so can you get

art can you move your desk

or can you just turn on spotify and play

ocean sounds two other things i think

you can do in your own house that i’ve

really enjoyed is number one

keep your house clean right it just

feels great when you walk in and there’s

like not much on the table and you look

around all your stuff and you’re like

i don’t have a lot of stuff but the

stuff i do have i really love another

way of looking at it

uh is that this house is about a

thousand a day give or take and so

how do i create a thousand dollars in

value every day through my business or

through the content we’re creating

uh and i will say like when you have

like a nicer environment it does elevate

your game not talking about

inflating your lifestyle and just

spending more money just to spend more


uh but are you able to spend money or

can money make your life more enhanced

or more fulfilled and

and i think so and having a nicer house

it’s definitely been inspiring for me to

be here

you also don’t need to rent it for a

month try it out for a day and see if it

really does make a difference for you

maybe it’s geographical

maybe it’s by the beach maybe it’s in

the mountains maybe it’s in a bungalow

whatever that is

find your own creative space and go get