If I lost all my money – here’s what I would do

one of my best friends had a near

six-figure salary job

and he lost it and today he’s driving

for ubereats making about 15

an hour i was thinking about this while

i’m in this crazy 23 000

a month malibu house what would i do if

i lost everything

i wanted to put together a plan for him

and for you actionable stuff that you

can do immediately to start getting

results for yourself

i love you i want to see you succeed

step one take inventory of all the atms

in your life these are your assets

so the first one is your relationship

assets number one look for people that

have businesses

or have money and figure out what can i


to help those people the second thing

you do in your relationship atms is

who have i worked with as a client or as

a banker or as an accountant or as even

your dentist

that has a business or you’ve paid them

in the past and potentially you can go

and figure out something to do

now second one is your superpowers so

your superpowers are

what are the skills that i can use to

make money so for me it would be email


probably how to do this youtube stuff

and also just how to run online

businesses and i promise you that you

have a superpower do not be discouraged

so if you don’t know what your

superpower is

just text me no i’m kidding text your

best friend and say yo what do you think

my superpower is

all right and number three in terms of

your assets it’s literally your physical

assets so do you have any bikes do you

have any cameras do you have any


that you can actually sell to make some

money you can do facebook you can do

craigslist you can do ebay whatever that


as well you can go ask any of your

friends and say yo if you have anything

to sell give it to me and i’ll split the

money with you so those are our three

atms to just get started

make sure you stay towards the end where

i talk about actionable things you can

do to be building your network for the

future step two

super crystal clear frickin goals and

the way i break down the goals is in 30

and 365 days

and why i recommend that is that i want

you to have something to look forward to

that’s way out there so you’re like ah

i want to get there but also have chunky

stuff that you can do

right now the way i like to approach is

that i create a fantasy list yes i dried

out a fictional story of my life


man where do i want to be in a year and

once you’ve done that that’s your 365


print that thing out put it on your

mirror put it on your phone

tell everybody that’s step one step two

is now you have your dream about where

you want to be going you have to

actually get started now

what i recommend is do 30 day plans so i

like running out in the next 30 days

here’s what i’m going to do

to help get to my future goal now that

you have your 30 and 365 plans what i

highly recommend you doing is find an

accountability buddy

this is someone that will call you on

your true story

so what you need to do is every monday

say this is what i’m doing this week

and then on friday you just check back

with them and you do that every single

week i promise you as long as you have

someone that you respect that calls you


you will get the results you will start

moving forward in your life by the way

if you don’t have someone you can join

okdor.com group it’s a free facebook

group we have to find other smart people

to help you out

number three make money immediately you

need oxygen to live

you need to actually make some money so

you’re not stressing out about that

every single day

so number one i do recommend going and

doing delivery jobs like ubereats like

grubhub or doordash or whatever business

is out there

just get money coming in so that your

foundation is set and you’re not having

to stress about it it is very hard to


when you’re worried about just paying

the bills immediately now step two

sell everything that you put together in

your assets in part one so yes you

figured out here’s all the items i have

or my friends have

sell all of them and guess what you

might actually find out there’s some

type of interesting business in there

for you

step three if you’ve done any consulting

as i talked about in your relationships

if you’ve done consulting or freelancing

go back to those people and offer them

services or ask for referrals

if you haven’t yet make sure to hit that

subscribe and notification bell i put

out three videos every single week to

help you

on your entrepreneurial journey number

four lower your cost of living

this enables you to take more risks and

reduces the pressure that you have to

make money

because no one likes anyone needy you

guys know how i’m talking about those

desperate people

so number one to lower your cost of

living negotiate every single bill in

your subscription

so if you have cell phone bills if you

have internet bills if there’s bills you

can cancel do that immediately

right now secondly reduce your rent for

the three years after i graduated

college i lived in my mom’s house and my

aunt’s basement thanks aunt rhonda

and i know you’re like well i’m too good

for that what i have found is that if

i’m not having to worry about how much

money i make or i can reduce how much i

have to make it gives me the freedom and

the creativity to actually work on

things i really want to and then end up

making a lot more money so

reduce these costs and suck up your

pride which is the hard part of this


and number three refinance your loans if

you have any i did this for my house

recently especially while rates are low

by the way one of the things i want you

to take a quick mental break as we’re

talking about things you would do if you

lost everything and what i would do

right now

is think about this as a story if you

were reading the novel of your life

sometime in the future

think about how you want to look back on

yourself you’re going to say wow man i

didn’t have a job

i didn’t have money but i started taking

some of the steps that were in this

video and i started helping myself and

look how where the guy or girl ended up


and that’s kind of for you to decide who

you want to be in the story and where

you want to be ending up

number five don’t apply for regular jobs

regularly see what i did there number

one look in your network to see if

anyone knows anyone at any of the

companies you’re applying for having a

referral is

always a better way of getting a job

than just sending in your resume cold

number two

do an insane amount of prep work for

every job you’re applying for i have one

of my best friends john ross applied for

a job

at a very very cool company i saw him

spend between 60 and 80 hours

just preparing for the interviews and

guess what he ended up getting the job

so you have to ask yourself if you’re

competing with thousands of other people

for these jobs

how are you actually going to stand out

number three apply for these jobs

differently everyone just sends in the

resume like all the other schmoes but

trust me that’s not you i know you so

number one if you’re

applying for a sales job at any single

company when you’re applying

bring that company a customer if you’re

applying for a marketing position

bring them the marketing plan if you’re

applying for customer support go and do

an analysis of their customer support

and bring them a review saying

here’s a report showing all the things

that you guys can improve in your

customer support to be in the one

percent you just have to do one percent

more than everyone else is doing for you

to get there by the way you sexy people

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come on now so number six you gotta do

things to build confidence within

your control a lot of times when you’ve

lost all your money and you don’t have

jobs and you’re feeling discouraged

you feel like a lot of the other people

are kind of affecting how your emotions

are feeling so we need to be building up

your confidence and your success within

things that you can do so number one

the maker morning routine if you haven’t

seen that video it’s in the description

or it’ll be somewhere on the sidebar but

the maker morning routine is a bunch of


that i have found to make my day great

so the key activities i recommend for

you is

do at least one i do 30 push-ups every

morning when i wake up

secondly i journal and especially during

a tough time journaling will help you

process your feelings

and get organized three i try to learn

and improve myself so i read a book i

watch youtube maybe a video like this

or anything that i can do to improve

myself maybe it’s the camera work four

make your bed

yes you can control making your bed and

guess what it gives you a bit of a w

right early in the morning number five

have conversations with a great friend

or someone that you find interesting

when you start getting that brain going

you find support and you find a network

around you

if your friends are all unemployed

you’re probably gonna stay unemployed go

find people who are working and busy

they’ll actually inspire you to be at

that level too and lastly find community

of other people that are

working hard and being successful maybe

it’s in the okay dork.com

group maybe it’s on our youtube channel

maybe it’s in a slack group maybe it’s

in your church or synagogue

wherever it is put yourself in a place

where you’re around successful people

because that is within

your control so number seven free work

this is how i’ve hired some of my most

favorite people ever and these people

are making over six figures a year in


mitchell who helps run this channel

jeremy who does a lot of our social

media and even michael who does the

video editing for the shows all came in

from free work and no i’m not saying go

do free work and never

get paid because the whole point of this

video is for you to get paid my

suggestion is is that if you approach

someone with free work and they get

excited about the free things you’re


they’ll end up paying you for it so

here’s exactly how i’d recommend

approaching any of the kind of people

you’re wanting to work with

number one flatter them i’m not saying

do both stuff if it’s not sincere don’t

send it but tell these people

here’s how you’ve impacted me for the

people you want to be working with

number two

don’t ask them for anything it’s so

obvious when you’re just like i think

you’re the best

can you read this thing they know and

number three what do i mean by doing

free work

what i’m recommending to you is that if

you see me doing a lot of youtube take a

youtube video of mine and create things

that i can put on instagram

if you see a company out there go and

actually do a blog post for them and say

hey i wrote this blog post for you i

think you’d really like it and guess

what if it’s something that’s important

to them which you should try to pay

attention to what they’re doing


they will be excited to actually start

paying you for more of that type of work

as you’re doing the free work there’s a

few things

one keep doing it what i recommend is 80

20 approach so 20

of time which is just your friday’s do

something free for other people so i

would allocate the majority of my time

eighty percent the majority of the week

monday through thursday

on doing things that directly i know

make money but that friday is your

long-term investments in relationships

and in yourself

in one helping and connect with other

people but two you’ll probably learn


skills that’ll benefit you for the

future let me know in the comments if

you’ve ever struggled what did you do

for yourself to start getting that

momentum and start getting success for

yourself out there

number eight start your tribe now now

appsumo is an eight-figure business and

that is because in 2000

yes about 20 years ago i started

blogging and i built up an audience of

people that trusted me and liked me and

i liked them too

and when i started appsumo in 2010 i

said hey go check this out and all these

people went and bought

so for yourself and your own journey i

think there’s a few crucial points i

really want to make about starting your

tribe now if you start a newsletter use

senfox.com it’s free

or youtube it’s free or start a blog

when you document your journey publicly

it creates a lot of really amazing

things in building your tribe

one it improves your communication

skills which is phenomenal no matter

what kind of thing you’re applying on or

working on in life communication is

really helpful

two it actually might build your network

of people that can help you get a job

three it’ll actually differentiate you

when you’re trying to apply for

different businesses

and four as i said before you can

actually turn those audience of tribe

someone in the future into customers my

one ask for you is as you start your

tribe which i recommend every single one

of you guys go out and do it

is commit to it for 52 weeks and if

you’re saying no i’m not sure what to

write i don’t care what you write

all i care is that you commit at least

once a week to sending your newsletter

or posting on youtube or posting on

instagram or posting anywhere

to at least do this practice because i

promise you once you have your tribe

and you have people that are supporting

you you won’t want to let them down i

know you may be discouraged but guess

what there’s a lot more things in your

control and you have a lot more ability

than you realize

follow the eight steps i’ve talked about

and get some success for yourself and

let us know how it goes if you like this

video and you want a little bit more

help in kicking ass

check out my 10 tips for ambitious

people or my maker morning which is how

i start my mornings to make sure i have

a great day every single day good luck

out there i love you and i’ll see you

out there