Start a Million-Dollar Business This Weekend

we are going to build a million dollar

business in 48 hours which sounds insane

but it is possible and I believe in you

part one we found the ideas they figured

out how big is the market for that idea

today we take that idea make sure your

customers have money get your first

customers and talk about how to scale it

up to the million dollar business so

step four is assessing your tan which is

a fancy business word for total

addressable market taking how many

customers we found from step two

how much each customer is worth and that

gives you your total addressable market

so if you come back to our original

thing with Chihuahuas on Facebook

there’s about six million people that

enjoyed Chihuahuas I guess a lot of

weirdos out there let’s just assume so

out of the six million maybe 5% will buy

something from that’s 300,000 people now

we know that a customer is worth like

$15,000 that they own a Chihuahua and if

we’re spending maybe $50 and selling

them something that market size is 15

million dollars that’s good so we do

have a winner the jackpot thing is going

now you’re gonna be rich in slink just

kidding now the hard part comes but the

thing that’s really critical about this

you’re not gonna get a hundred percent

market penetration there’s many many

dogs out there so if you get this

working with something with Chihuahua

food guess what there’s a lot of other

dogs out there and this is only just one

product once you kind of get in the door

to figure out something that works with

this customer base it’s a lot of other

things that you can actually potentially

some so we do now have a million-dollar

opportunity but now is the fun part

which is let’s validate and get customs

so step 5

aka the fun there’s a difference between

a million dollar opportunity and

actually making a million dollars so we

know people are willing to spend the

money but are they actually willing to

buy your product this is the most

important thing out of doing anything in

your own business so there’s three key

pieces and validation number one is your

time let me your time to 48 hours or the

weekend why because if you limit it

you’re gonna be more creative and guess

what you’ll spend as much time as you

allow yourself and I found that 48 hours

is the perfect amount of time to get

into step two which is three customers

if you can’t get three that wanna be

buying this it’s only going to get

harder not easier people I always like

aiming for a hundred dollars of revenue

why cuz if you get a dollar not easy if

you try to get 10,000 it’s not gonna be

hard so again three customers 48 hours

try to aim for a hundred dollars and

that is validation for you so we’re

gonna go step by step on some of these

things about how I did it without soon I

found a product called injure calm I

guess maybe your editor like me you know

about it and they were selling a pro

version for $24 for me I thought I loved


I love software and I know that this

daily deal things and customers are

really gonna be interesting for everyone

out there has this economy and business

growth so what I did is like you know

that’ll and I said hey can I sell these

monkeys seven dollars for everyone I saw

doesn’t cost you anything now I’m gonna

do all the marketing Howlin was like

sure you normally sold it for 24 but its

software’s the margins were good then I

went onto Reddit and I actually

literally just cold email the reddit

founders I said hey can I get free ads

to promote this thing I’m doing and

they’re like yeah sure why not and so

they gave me free ads and for me I

actually wanted to sell a hundred imager

pros I sold them at twelve and I paid

out on seven so that’s a five dollar

margin and we ended up selling I think a

few hundred of these and it worked out

extremely well and it was validated that

Wow people want this and I really want

you to think about as you’re starting

businesses pushing versus pulling so

think about if you’re going on a

mountain an you’ve a rock and you’re

pushing it up the hill oh man

can heavy you’re not saying but if

you’re throwing it down the hill you’re

like yeah

rolling down step one email text call

slack message ten people that you know

what’s in your network to buy whatever

product you’re trying to sell with it’s

a chihuahua info product if it is

actually a course if it’s a physical

product whatever it is the number one

thing that you can do today is use your

assets use your network a lot of people

try to go beyond it they post up things

make hope and pray that things happen

and guess what that’s not the reality

for actually kind of sort of business

without spending a lot of money without

spending a lot of time a lot of people

might reject you and guess what that is

great now you didn’t spend money on

domains and you in spent of money on

building a lot of stuff and wasting a

lot of time and we can actually find a

business that people do want there’s

three key things when you get rejected

number one ask them why they don’t want

it hey I know you have dogs I searched

it on Facebook I saw that you liked it

why don’t you want this step two is that

find out what would they pay for so if

they do have a few have friends who are

dog owners and they wouldn’t pay for

your info product is there something

else as a dog walking the dog Hotel is a

dog dating I don’t know maybe something

else in their life so find out something

that they’re are excited to be paying

for and number three if those two things

don’t work out ask for a referral that’s

a really amazing way to validate where

like this person doesn’t want it but

maybe someone else does another thing

that you can do which is really common

in was popular in the 4-hour workweek

and I like it I just don’t love it as

you can build a basic landing page on

Unbounce on WordPress and see if people

are actually wanting it and you can buy


this thing I don’t really like cuz I

don’t really want you spending a lot of

money but it does work and especially if

you’re scared and you want to play

business I’d recommend doing it a third

example this is a bonus of validating

ideas is that if you do have an email

list maybe it’s on send Fox com which I

do recommend and it’s free for you to

start you can email your audience saying

hey here’s something I’m thinking of

building I’m looking to sell it to three

people at this price send the first

PayPal to this address and guess what

you can see who opens you can see who

actually sends and no one does all you

do is email them and say okay why

weren’t you interested in then so look

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town let’s get it on maybe you now have

figured out your customers you figured

out the market you figured out the

validation and guess what within 48

hours I hope you have made at least a

hundred dollars if not significantly

more and let me know here’s what’s

happened though a lot of people may have

watched this video maybe you’ve seen

some of the things that I’ve done and be

like oh I can do this I know it’s gonna

be biking I know it’s gonna be cooking

but they actually don’t do anything you

know why this is actually shocking and I

learned this from monthly one cake after

helping 10,000 people start businesses

they are afraid

so here’s have to kill your inner

entrepreneur if you haven’t done but

you’ve at least tried you’re one of the

underdogs and you’re with me and I’m

here to help you so if you have not had

success in your business journey you

need to do the coffee challenge so the

coffee challenge is any time you buy

anything generally gonna be coffee you

ask for ten percent off so ask for ten

percent off when you make your coffee

purchase or any purchase you’re doing

preferably in person and wear a mask if

it’s kovat time and when you get

rejected guess what that’s awesome

Starbucks is actually my preferred place

because guess what they almost never get

it and the thing that’s actually really

powerful because it’s a small exercise

that builds a lot of confidence and

builds help in your business journey how

because when you get rejected you’re

like oh

not bad I can actually do this what else

can I do one other challenge that I

highly recommend is the dollar one


so what you have to do is just go to

anybody in your network don’t make it

hard on yourself

and get just one dollar and just say hey

I’m starting a business I want you to be

my first customer will you give me one

dollar people have been posting this in

our Facebook group and I will say that I

have never seen so many people have

positive transformations from just

starting with that one dollar because

what happens is they start realizing

they put themselves out there for a

little bit of fear they overcame it and

now they can actually have more success

and now they can start building on top

of that so let’s recap some of the

things that we’ve gone over to find a

profitable business idea you can study

trends on sites like Amazon Facebook

groups reddit you can look at things

that suck for your own life or you can

look at things that you’re already

spending your time on or do the best

friend text message thing that I

recommended earlier in the video of it

ask them hey what kind of business do

you think I should start secondly you

want to find out how many people are in

that market alright is it a small market

or is it a big market let’s go for that

big market so number three figure out

how much is that customer works that for

is alright take the amount of customers

take the amount that they’re worth and

now you can say is this market actually

gonna be big enough if I spend my time

on it and Step five the most important

thing is do customer validation again

the three key things of validation is

you have 48 hours you have to get three

customers because one is easy two is not

bad three is gonna be a challenge and

hopefully it’ll be easy for you and four

aimed to make at least $100 and whatever

you’re doing and finally if you’re

getting scared and you haven’t actually

done any of this and you’re still buying

domain you’re still bidding your site go

do the coffee challenge or the dollar

one challenge to start feeling good

about yourself and success for your

business journey let me know in the

comments if you want to be a feature to

underdog about what results you’ve done

starting your own business from some of

the things that I’ve been teaching you

in this video and other material on

YouTube contest okay dork and I will

call you out in a future video so if you

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dollars by the way if you just came to

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out how big the market is or that idea

and until next time I love you and I’ll

see you out there