PUBLIC REVIEW 2022 Best Free Investing App

– So in this video today,

we’re going to be looking

at a commission-free brokerage
platform known as Public

which is essentially on a
mission to make investing social.

The best way I can
describe this brokerage,

is it’s like a hybrid between
a social media platform

and a brokerage where you
can follow your friends,

your friends can follow you

and everybody can see each
other’s investment activity,

that way you can keep up with your friends

and what they are investing in.

Beyond that, it is $0
commission with $0 minimums

and they do offer fractional shares

as well as some other great features

which may make them a good fit for you.

So we’re gonna go ahead
and review them today

and I’m also going to be doing a live demo

of this app at the end of the video

to show you exactly what it looks like.

Also, Public has made an exclusive offer

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But that being said guys,
let’s jump into the review now

and talk about what Public has to offer.

So Public is a commission-free trading app

with no fees for standard trading

which is pretty common these days

with other investing apps out there

that have largely done
away with commissions.

But again, the big difference

between Public and other brokerages

is the social aspect
of this investing app.

Now currently, the only
type of account they offer

is a taxable individual brokerage account

so at this time they do not
offer retirement accounts

or anything fancy like that.

In addition, you’re
not gonna find a lot of

fancy research tools or advanced charting,

it is a relatively basic app.

However, that was the goal
that Public had in mind

when creating this app,

is to make it as simple as
possible for complete beginners

while integrating that social aspect

of sharing your investments
with other people.

So now let’s talk about the
different features available

through Public and one of the coolest ones

that they offer is something
called investment themes

which are essentially portfolios of stocks

and ETFs that are completely
free to invest in.

Now I looked on their website

and they had over a dozen different themes

but I picked a couple
here for example sake.

First of all, we have Future Ed

which is essentially 25 stocks

related to digital at-home learning.

Another one they had here
was called Stay at Home

which was 41 stocks and six ETFs

that are poised to benefit

from the new stay-at-home
culture related to this pandemic.

And another one they have here
is the Meatless Revolution

that requires no real explanation.

That’s 12 different stocks
involved in the meatless trend.

Now another cool feature they offer

which is 100% free to use

is called the ticker time machine.

I tried this out the other day,

essentially it allows you to put in

a given investment and a given date

and it shows you how much
money you would have made

if you just put your money
in there and didn’t touch it,

that’s a really cool tool

if you’re looking to
look back on investments

that you’ve sold and determine

if you made a good
decision or a bad decision.

That’s completely free for all users,

you don’t even need to have
a brokerage account with them

if you wanna try that out.

Now in addition, they also
offer fractional shares

which means you don’t have
to buy an entire share

of companies that trade at high prices

such as Tesla or Amazon for example,

by default it is $25 increments

that you’re able to purchase shares in

but you can actually buy any
amount of the stocks and ETFs

that are supported with
this fractional investing.

As far as stocks and ETFs go,

there’s over 5,000 different
ones to choose from

so there are a lot
stocks and ETFs available

as well as these investment themes

so you have options for
both the passive investor

and the active investor.

Now as far as the social
side of the app goes,

you’re able to share your
investment activity publicly

if you want to and you can also
leave comments and feedback

about why you bought or
sold a given investment.

So now let’s jump into my phone

and I’m gonna give you a live demo

of the Public brokerage app

so you can see for yourself
what this app has to offer.

All right guys, so here we
are inside of the Public app

and as you can see right off the bat

it gives you notifications about

what is going on with your portfolio.

So I put a $100 in here to test this out

and in a minute we’re
going to buy $25 of a stock

just to show you guys
what this can do here.

So I have a notification up top,

my portfolio was down 0.54% today,

I’ve lost 58 cents just based
on some market fluctuation

and in my portfolio I own,
AMD, Apple, Google and Amazon.

And so right here on the main feed,

you have the social platform

where people are able to
share different thoughts

and again, like I said, it’s
just a really cool hybrid

between a brokerage and
a social media platform

and it seems like this
could really be something

that takes off if more people
adopt to using this platform

and sharing their investment activity.

And just like with other
social media platforms,

you can choose people to follow.

So for example, this guy
right here, 4,087 followers

if I wanna follow what he is doing,

I simply click follow

and I can see what he decides to share

in terms of his portfolio
and his investment activity.

So right here, we can see
that this guy Scott Galloway

has a portfolio of Apple, Amazon

and a company called Lemonade.

And just like with other
social media platforms,

you can comment on different
investment activity

and see what other people are doing

and gain feedback from other investors.

Now as mentioned earlier,

there are dozens of
different investment themes

that you may decide to invest in

if you don’t wanna pick and
choose individual stocks.

So for example, let’s go
ahead and pick Green Power

and it’s gonna tell you
about what the holdings are

and what this is designed to do.

You can also send your friends
messages within this app

and you can also form group chats

if you wanna start an
online stock community

right within your brokerage account.

So at this point in time,

I’m gonna go ahead and purchase a stock

and I’m gonna buy a fractional share,

that way I don’t have
to buy an entire share

of stocks that are very expensive.

So it’s gonna be a stock

that I own in one of my other portfolios,

we’re gonna buy some shares of Lowe’s.

So as you can see looking at this,

it currently trades at $167 per share

but thanks to the fractional shares,

I don’t have to buy one entire share.

So if I go ahead and click the Buy button,

you will see the options I have available.

I have $25 and 2 cents in buying power

so I’m gonna hit $25
and I’m going to invest

or if I wanted to do a different amount,

I could literally do $1 and
put that into Lowe’s stock.

But in this case, we’re
gonna go ahead and do $25,

I’m gonna click Invest and just like that,

I’m gonna confirm

and I now own a fractional
share of Lowe’s.

And this is where you can share

why you are investing in that stock

so I’m going to say the global pandemic

is causing more people
to do home improvement.

So now I click Post and that’s
going to show up on my feed

for other people who follow
me to be able to see this.

All right guys, so in a nutshell,

Public was designed to
make investing as simple

and as social as possible

and it’s kind of like a hybrid

between Robinhood’s
commission-free trading

and a social media platform in one.

Like I said, they have
that exclusive offer

if you wanna grab 10 bucks
worth of a free stock,

that’s gonna be the top link
down in the description below

if you think this is a good fit for you.

If you are looking for an
advanced trading platform

with a lot of research tools

or if you’re looking
for retirement accounts

and things like that,

this is probably not going
to be the fit for you.

But if you’re just getting started

and the social aspect
is interesting to you,

you may decide this is a good platform.

But anyways guys, that’s
gonna wrap up this video.

Thanks so much for watching,
I hope you enjoyed it.

If you did, please drop a like

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and I hope to see you in the next video.