5 Strange Habits That Made Me Successful

if you are not willing to risk the usual

you will have to settle for the ordinary

all right so a lot of people have heard

different habits out there for being

successful like getting up at

five o’clock in the morning and grinding

24 7.

but what i want to talk about today are


weird or strange habits that i’ve had

that have allowed

me to be successful all right so the

first habit i have for you guys here

that contributed to my success

overall is a really simple one but i

honestly want to challenge you to start

doing this

right now and that is as soon as you

wake up

in the morning drink at least 16 ounces


water now i actually take this a step

further i have one of those nalgene

bottles which is like 32 ounces

and as soon as i get up i make my bed i

write down a couple of goals for the day

and i drink 32 ounces of cold water and

this is before i have my coffee and

breakfast or anything like that the

reason for this is because

three out of four americans out there

are chronically

dehydrated and when your brain is


you’re just not thinking clearly a lot

of people will go to

coffee or pastries or things like that

in the morning for energy

but i challenge you to instead before

you drink coffee

before you go out there for those sweets

drink some cold

water and see what this does to your

energy level

and your mental clarity all right so the

second habit i have here for you guys

is consuming a low information diet

or as i like to say it not really giving

a [ __ ]

about most things i know that may sound

harsh here but the truth is a lot of the

stuff that we worry about as humans

are things that we just have utterly

zero control over

so a while back i made this decision to

really only care about the things

that i was able to change in life rather

than things that are just going to

invite stress or confusion

into my life where i really have no

control of the given outcome

and what you have to understand is that

now more than ever

there are so many things out there

fighting for our attention whether it’s

your cell phone or apps social media

things like this the news radio there’s

so much noise out there

that you really can get sucked into this

where all you’re doing is just

taking in and consuming media and

reading and listening to things

and it can really just scatter your

brain and take up all of your time

so what i am encouraging you to do is

pick a handful of things that you do

give a [ __ ] about

and only consume information about these


and the other stuff just let that be

background noise and

honestly don’t even think about it so

the third habit here on my list

kind of embarrassed of this one guys to

be honest with you but it helped me with

becoming successful

and that is the fact that for many years

when i was younger

i didn’t really have any hobbies and i

honestly didn’t have like a booming

social life of any kind

and what that allowed me to do is when i

finally had an idea of something that i

wanted to pursue

well i had basically all of my time and


to dedicate to that one thing so if you

have hobbies now i’m not saying you have

to like get rid of your hobbies

in order to be successful but if you are

somebody out there who like

maybe hasn’t found their group yet in

life or you feel like maybe you don’t

have anything that you know that you

want to do that’s kind of how i felt

when i was you know in my late teenage


but when i found youtube and online

business i was able to basically


all of my free time towards this venture

i didn’t see

friends i didn’t go out there and play

basketball and things like that

and i do have hobbies now because i have

more free time and obviously they are

important to having

a well-rounded life but if you don’t

have hobbies

you really have a much larger basket of


that you can dedicate towards something

uh if you are looking to be successful

so the fourth habit i have here for you

guys is one that can be good and it can

be bad

and that is impulsive decision making i

am prone to this i’ve been this way my

entire life

but the truth is when you make enough

impulsive decisions

at one point this is going to pay off

because it’s kind of like

thinking about in terms of risk and


if you never really take any risks in

life there’s not a heck of a lot of

upside there

but if you take a lot of risks

frequently there is a lot of upside

as well as a lot of risk but you just

have to be right that one time

to have a big payoff so basically as

soon as i had an idea

i impulsively would jump into that idea

and i would run with it and dedicate all

of my brain fuel to that

because i didn’t have any hobbies didn’t

have a heck of a lot of friends

and i wasn’t filling my mind with

useless information and things to worry


that i had no control over and i think a

lot of this comes down to

analysis paralysis and this is something

that i’ve

never struggled with because of that

impulsive decision making

so let’s say for example i was trying to

ride a bicycle

a lot of people would want to read books

and watch videos about riding a bicycle

and analyze every detail possible

whereas my type of personality i’m just

going to say i’m going to get on that

damn bike

and i’m going to fall and i’m going to

scrape my knee but i’m going to learn a

heck of a lot faster

i’m going to fail faster and i’m just

going to get to that desired outcome

faster so impulsive decision making can

be good and it can be bad

but i think for those of you that have

that analysis paralysis type

mind i would go for the more screw it

and do it type attitude

rather than trying to have all the

information first

before attempting something because at

the end of the day no matter how many

books you read

videos you watch things like that you’re

never going to go into something

being the master from the get-go you’re

going to make mistakes

and you’re going to fail no matter what

so why not fail

faster and basically not waste all that


trying to avoid failure so the fifth and

final habit i have for you guys

is one that my mom was not necessarily a

fan of when i was younger

and that is the fact that i was always

the type of person that was looking

to find the shortcuts and i’m not saying

that in terms of doing things

in a poor way and like skipping steps

i’m talking about

the standpoint of doing things as


as possible one example of this was my

school work

i was always a low b student in high


and i think my mom knew that i could

have been an a student but

in my mind i just didn’t see any value

in doing that

so rather than spending hours every

night doing homework and studying

i basically never studied barely did my

homework and i could still manage to get

b’s in high school

for me that was operating as efficiently

as possible

by getting b’s which was good enough and

not having to dedicate

all of my time to doing something i

don’t want to do which was doing

homework and

studying for tests so now i have applied

that same school of thought

to my businesses and things like that

where i’m always looking to operate

as efficiently as possible and

essentially get

the largest return on investment for the

least amount of effort

and i think if you’re somebody who is

able to look at things in this school of


it often times can and will lead to


so anyways guys that’s gonna wrap up

this video those are five

weird habits that i’ve seen work for me

and honestly for other people

when it comes to being successful if you

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